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UC Delivers Archive 2003 -2013


Improving community health one family at a time

Anna C. Martin, UC Cooperative Extension advisor, San Joaquin County

UC CalFresh: Bringing Nutrition Education to Life in Fresno Classrooms

Andra Nicoli UC CalFresh State Office, Shelby MacNab UC CalFresh Nutrition Education, Fresno County Youth Program Manager, Sara Bosse, Senior Nutrition Manager

In-Home Education Helps Families Face the Future with Hope

Mary L. Blackburn, NFCS Advisor University of California Cooperative Extension Alameda County

UCCE Alameda's summer program encouraged low income elders to eat healthy and stay active

Mary L. Blackburn, NFCS Advisor University of California Cooperative Extension Alameda County


    Putting Youth On the Map

    Center for Regional Change UC Cooperative Extension

    UCCE Equips Californians to Stretch Their Food Budgets

    Dorothy Smith, Marcel Horowitz

    Can Clickers Improve the Nutrition Education Experience?

    Jennifer Culp, Anna Martin, Marisa Neelon

    UC CalFresh and food banks collaborate to promote healthful diet

    Lisa Paniagua San Luis Obispo

    Get Fit Riverbank: A community in action

    Teresa M. Spezzano


    UC CalFresh improves the home food environment of low-income Hispanic families

    Susan Algert, Carmen Simmons, Gretchen Sullivan

    Adolescents Eat Better When Setting Guided Goals

    Susan Algert, Marcel Horowitz, Marilyn Townsend

    UC Cooperative Extension CalFresh teaches healthy eating behaviors

    Susan Algert

    UCCE explores the Farm-to-WIC Program

    Chutima Ganthavorn, Cathi Lamp, Lucrecia Farfan-Ramirez, Tammy McMurdo, Penny Leff, Marita Cantwell, Jose Aguiar, Manuael Jimenez, Aziz Baameur, and Project Leaders: Lucia Kaiser, PI

    Families team up for healthier lifestyles

    Marilyn Peterson


    UCCE organizes a community food coalition to improve food sourcing

    Concepcion Mendoza

    UCCE Shasta helps consumers grow their own strawberries

    Concepcion Mendoza

    UC-FSNEP collaborates with a Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp

    Connie Schneider


    UC-FSNEP: FIfteen years of nutrition education to California's families

    David Ginsburg, Mary Blackburn

    PE teachers deliver UC-FSNEP EatFit program at Alvord Unified

    Chutima Ganthavorn

    Participants describe nutrition success due to FSNEP

    Connie Schneider

    FSNEP helps children learn about food

    Jeanne George

    Families learn to make every dollar count

    Varcoe, Connie Costello

    Children wash hands to prevent flu and other illness

    Marissa Neelon, Brenda Roche

    Does FSNEP encourage children to try new foods?

    Jeanne George, Connie Schneider

    Eat Well Dine Well - A health awareness program for Latino families

    Yvonne Nicholson

    Healthy habits developed at UC Cooperative Extension summer day camp

    Yvonne Nicholson

    African Americans and Latinos set goals for healthy lifestyles

    Gloria Barrett, Anna Martin


    UCCE collaboration enhances students' nutrition education experience

    Marissa Neelon

    Making food safer for seniors

    Blackburn, Christine Bruhn

    Nutrition education improves academic performance

    Cathi Lamp

      Point-of-purchase messages improve consumers’ food choices

      Marcel Horowitz, Dorothy Smith, Anna Martin

        Changing the school environment increases awareness about healthy eating habits

        Dr. Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, Dr. Karrie Heneman

        Something Fresh and Juicy

        Sonya Varea Hammond, UCCE Monterey County Director Kathleen Nolan, UCCE Food Stamp Nutrition Program Nutrition Educator

        Parent Express guides parents through baby's first year

        Cathi Lamp


          Empowering Food Stamp Recipients for a Better Future

          Amy Block Joy

          Increasing Use of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) by Low-Income Families

          Karen P. Varcoe, Ph.D.

          Adult Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP)

          Sharon  Junge

          Healthier brown bag lunches for preschool children

          Shirley Peterson